DIY mini felt witch hat pencil toppers on tablet
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Witch Hat Pencil Toppers

These cute little witches hats make the perfect pencil toppers at school or in the office. Hand sewn from felt, they are a great witch hat Halloween craft for kids.

halloween craft for kids mini felt witch hat pencil toppers

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How To Make Felt Witch Hat Pencil Toppers


Felt witch hat pencil topper supplies

This is a great source for getting lots of different colored felt for sewing projects.


Step 1

witch hat pattern cutting felt

Select 3 different colored felt fabrics for the witch’s hat pencil topper. Trace the hat patterns on one felt color, and the 2 other patterns on 2 different colored felt fabrics.

Use scissors to cut out the traced patterns from the felt.

Step 2

halloween mini felt witch hat pattern cutting

Stitch (or use fabric glue) the square frame pattern in the middle of the strip pattern.

Step 3

cutting felt mini witch hat pencil topper

Place the strip on the hat base right above the brim part of the hat. You can stitch or glue the belt to the hat.

Step 4

felt witch hat pencil topper sewn with thread

Place the other hat base cutout under the one with the belt buckle. Make sure that the hats line up together.

Thread a needle with thread that matches the hat color. Start to stitch the bases together from the bottom of either side.

Keep the bottom open for inserting the pencil. 

Step 5

DIY felt witch mini hat pencil topper

Stitch from one side of the hat to the top, and then stitch towards the bottom of the other side.

You can bring the stitches inward on the bottom a little bit to make a tight fit for the pencil topper if you’d like. Just be sure to leave enough room.

Once you are done stitching, tie a knot or two and then cut off the extra thread. 

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