Frida Kahlo sewn felt rag doll

Frida Kahlo Doll

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter known for her self portraits, vibrant colors and works inspired by nature. She was a champion for feminists and celebrated for her efforts to promote Mexican and indigenous culture.

fabric painted Frida Kahlo rag doll

Kahlo is one of the highest selling women artists in the world. While she didn’t sell much art while she was alive, her legacy is growing in modern day.

Sewing a Frida Kahlo doll will help teach children, and many adults, who Kahlo was and why she is to be remembered. This is a great project for homeschooling and educational art activities.

How to Make a Frida Kahlo Doll


Frida Kahlo rag doll supplies on table top


Step 1

Frida Kahlo doll brown felt cut outs

Trace the doll body patterns (2) on the fabric selected for the doll. Cut out the pattern.

Step 2

Freida Kahlo doll brown felt sections with needle and thread

Place both of the body cut outs on top of each other with their wrong sides facing out. Start stitching around the side of the fabric patterns with a needle and thread to join them together around the sides. 

Step 3

Frida Kahlo rag doll stitched with thread and small opening

Keep a small opening to turn the doll fabric inside out.

Step 4

Frida Kahlo rag doll stuffed with cotton

Turn the right side out through the small opening. Stuff the doll base with cotton stuffing, fiber fill, etc.

Step 5

Frida Kahlo rag doll closing opening with needle and thread
Frida Kahlo rag doll fully stitched with secure thread

Stitch the small opening closed using a needle and thread..

Step 6

Frida Kahlo rag doll black felt cutouts for hair

Trace and cut out the hair pattern from black or dark brown felt fabric.

Step 7

Frida Kahlo rag doll black felt placed on doll body

Place the full hair pattern on the back side of the head of the doll. 

Step 8

Frida Kahlo doll semi-hair black felt pattern placed on doll body

Place the semi-hair pattern on the front side of the head, making sure that the sides of both hair patterns match up. 

Step 9

Frida Kahlo rag doll black felt hair sections with thread and needle

Stitch around the outer side and back side of the hair. When stitching the backside, make sure to stitch the hair along with the base.  

Step 10

Frida Kahlo rag doll black felt hair sections stuffed with cotton filler

Keep the front side of the hair open for stuffing. Fill the hair part with cotton.

Step 11

Frida Kahlo rag doll with sewn black felt hair sections

When you’re done stuffing the hair part, stitch the front open end of the hair with the doll head fabric, as well. 

Step 12

Frida Kahlo rag doll with fabric paint facial features

Use fabric paints to draw the eyes, nose and lips (other details if you wish) of the Frida rag doll.

Step 13

Frida Kahlo rag doll colored felt pieces cutout for doll clothes

Cut a rectangle piece from felt for the top part of the dress (scarf). Stitch a simple plain skirt from any fabric of your choice.  

Use small fabric flowers, beads and sequins to decorate the hair of the doll and clothing. You can either use hot glue to attach them or stitch them on. 

Artist Frida Kahlo rag doll with colored felt features

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