Two cactus pencil toppers, one green and one orange, with small flower decorations, rest on a dual-tone background.
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Felt Cactus Pencil Topper

These felt cactus pencil toppers are easy to sew using our free pattern and basic hand stitching techniques.

Make a few of these felt crafts in just a few minutes. Customize the colors with one of our three different templates to make a cute cactus to decorate your pen or pencil.

Two felt cactus pencil toppers with flowers on them.

Decorative pencil toppers make homework and office work fun! These are great crafts for tweens and teens to make using felt scraps.

DIY Felt Cactus Pencil Toppers


  • Free Felt Cactus Pattern
  • Felt (Green and Flower Color)
  • Matching thread
  • Needle
  • Sharpie, Pencil or Fabric Marker
  • Seed beads (3 for each cactus)

Helpful Tip: Make sure your needle is thin enough to go through the seed bead opening!


Step 1

Download, print and cut out the cactus template patterns.

Trace the cactus base patterns (there are 3 similar patterns) onto green felt. Trace the flower pattern onto a colorful felt.

Two green felt cactus with a red flower in the middle.

Step 2

Using one of the cactus cutouts, add dots where you want there to be cactus needles.

Add thread to your needle and stitch the cactus needles onto the base. Use an upside down V pattern to make the needles, being sure to stitch over the dots that you have placed on the felt to cover them up.

A green felt cactus hanging on a string.

Step 3

After the cactus spikes have all been added, it is time to add the flower and beads.

Place the flower cutout on the top of the cactus that has the stitched spikes. You want at least half of the flower overlapping the top of the cactus pattern, with the center of the flower on top of the cactus.

A felt cactus with a red flower on it.

You will add three seed beads to the middle of the flower. When you stitch the beads to the flower, you will also be securing the flower pattern to the cactus base.

Start with one bead at a time, stitching through the seed bead to secure it to the felt flower and through to the cactus base. Then stitch each of the other two seed beads in the same way.

Two felt cactus ornaments with a red flower.

Knot the thread in the back to secure and cut off the excess.

Step 4

Start another piece of thread on your needle.

Place the plain cactus base under the stitched one and line up the edges to be even.

Using a blanket stitch, start stitching from the bottom side. Stitch up the side, around the top (behind the flower) and down the other side.

A felt cactus with a red flower on it.

Finish off your stitching with knots and and then cut off the extra thread.

Keep the bottom open for adding a pencil or pen.

Two felt cactus pencil toppers with flowers.

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Felt cactus pencil toppers.

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