A pink and white soap and tulle flower on a piece of cloth.

DIY Bath Scrubbies: Mesh Bath Poufs

Bath scrubbies are a great way to get shower gel to lather up for a spa-like shower. But having to buy them all the time can get expensive. So here’s an easy way to sew your own mesh bath poufs for just pennies!

white and pink bath scrubbies on yellow felt against grey washcloth with pink soap bar

Mesh bath poufs are body sponges made from mesh nylon netting. You can buy yards of this netting for just a few dollars.

Then the mesh is gathered together in a “pouf” form. And you use it to scrub your skin just like a washcloth.

DIY bath scrubbies let you replace these poufs more often, which is necessary for cleanliness and personal hygiene. Since you cannot wash these in a hot washing machine like washcloths, you do need to dispose of them regularly.

So sewing your own mesh bath poufs saves you money when replacing these scrubbies. (Check out the price of ordering bath scrubbies online.) And you can make whatever color you love to match your bathroom decor!

You might want to make extras of these to give as gifts.

And they make excellent products to sell at crafts fairs or online shops.

DIY Bath Scrubbies

List of Supplies

  • 1/4 yard mesh tulle fabric (you can buy online, but it’s easy to find in craft supply stores)
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
mesh tulle needle thread scissors

Directions to Make Mesh Body Poufs

1. Cut out 2 long strips of tulle fabric, both strips should be of the same size (same width and length). Mine was 6 inches wide and 24 inches long.

pink mesh tulle with scissors

2. Place both strips together on top of each other with their ends matching.

3. With a threaded needle, start from either end along the width of the strips. In the middle of the two strips together, make your first stitch and tie a knot to secure.

pink mesh tulle with white thread sewn through

4. Do a running stitch along the middle of the strips along their length (no worries if it’s not exactly even, but try to keep in the middle the entire way). Make sure to hold both of the mesh tulle strips together while stitching.

running thread with needle pink mesh tulle

5. Once you reach the other end of the strips, grab the loose thread and push down the stitched mesh tulle strip towards the other end. You are really “bunching” it up and creating the body pouf effect.

pink mesh body pouf

6. The mesh body pouf looks gathered now, but you still want it to be more round. So bring the ends of both sides of the pouf together (kind of like making a circle with the mesh strip).

7. Stitch the ends together with the needle and thread. You don’t have to stitch up the entire seam. Make a few knots to keep the bath scrubby gathered up in the pouf shape.

pink mesh body pouf bath scrubby

8. If you want to make a hanger for the mesh sponge, then loop the needle and thread to make a hanger (leave plenty of open room to hang it on whatever hook you have in mind) and knot the end inside. Be sure to do this step AFTER you have secured the mesh tulle into a body pouf shape.

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