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If you would like to ask questions or share your joys of your sewing projects, you can email us at easythingstosew [at]

Brand Partnerships

For companies and brands, we are always interested in partnering together to share the best crafting supplies available to our readers. However, we will not recommend an item without using it and testing it personally.

Photo Permissions

We love when our crafting projects and sewing patterns are shared on websites and social media!

If you are writing a round up and want to use a photograph from this blog, you may use only one photo and it must be a final image (not in process), along with a link back to the post (not the homepage) and proper credit given. Please provide a link to our pattern or tutorial with appropriate keywords hyperlinked when possible. For example, link the words “drawstring bag pattern” versus “EasyThingstoSew.” The image may be used in a social media collage, but not as a stand-alone image for Pinterest, Instagram or other social sharing platforms.