Witch Plush Doll completed with yellow pom poms on table
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Witch Plush

This easy-to-sew plush witch is perfect for Halloween. It is easy to customize the colors of the dress, hat and hair.

Witch Plush Doll close up of completed on table

The witch plush is just one of several of our Halloween plush crafts to sew, including:

This is a great source for getting lots of different colored felt for sewing projects.

How to Sew a Halloween Witch

This felt witch plushie wears a hat which is very similar to our witch hat pencil toppers. So be sure to check them out, too. You could make several of them at the same time.


Witch Plush Doll Supplies


Step 1

Witch Plush Doll felt pieces cut out on white background

Cut out pattern pieces with felt colors of your choosing. The template includes 2 dress patterns, 2 hat patterns (along with 1 strip and 1 square frame), 1 head (round shape) and 2 hair patterns. Trace the templates on the selected felt fabrics and cut them out. 

Step 2

Witch Plush Doll witch hat pieces to be assembled

Stitch the square frame for the hat in the middle of the belt for the hat. (You could also glue this section since it is so small.) Then place the belt on one of the hat patterns horizontally above the brim. 

Step 3

Witch Plush Doll completed witch hat

Stitch around the 2 sides of the hat and the top to join them together. Keep the bottom side of the hat open and un-stitched. 

Step 4

Witch Plush Doll face laying out the facial feature section

Use a pen or pencil to draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the witch on the head shape. 

Step 5

Witch Plush Doll face only with facial features

Using a needle with black thread, stitch along the traced eyes, nose and mouth lines with small stitches. 

Step 6

Witch Plush Doll head pieces waiting for assembly

Place the fringe / bangs of the hair pattern on the top side of the head shape. 

Step 7

Witch Plush Doll with final facial features

Place the head (with the fringe/bangs) in the middle of the main hair pattern. Stitch the top side of the head (along with the fringe/bangs) to the main hair pattern, stitching through all layers. 

Step 8

Witch Plush Doll head stuffed with cotton filler

Stuff the witch head by inserting cotton or scrap felt through the bottom opening. 

Step 9

Witch Plush Doll sewing pieces with thread

Once you are done with stuffing the head, tuck the dress cut out under the open side of the head, inserting the felt by at least 1/4″. 

Step 10

Witch Plush Doll waiting for cotton fill

Stitch the open sides of the head with the hair and the top end of the dress to secure the head stuffing. Place the other dress pattern under the front one and stitch around the side. Stuff the dress pattern before closing the stitch. 

Step 11

Witch Plush Doll orange and purple sections attached

You can add an extra piece of hair pattern on the back side of the hair to cover the stitches. This is what the back side of the witch plush would look like after stitching.

Step 12

Witch Plush Doll complete on white background

Attach the felt hat on the witch’s head to complete the craft. You can either stitch the hat or simply fit it over the witch head. 

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felt witch plushie doll

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