felt minion crafts on top of pencils
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Felt Minion Crafts: Pen Toppers

If you have seen Universal’s Despicable Me, you’ve probably fallen in love with the minions. They are cute, funny and oh, so colorful. Which is why it’s fun to make these felt minion crafts that work as fun pen toppers.

felt minion crafts on top of pencils

With this minion craft template, you can make tiny pen toppers which also work well as finger puppets.

yellow and blue minion felt toys

However, feel free to use the minion template to make other crafts, too.

  • Put a magnet behind the minion and they can be hung on your refrigerator or to-do board
  • Make several minion crafts and glue them to your luggage tags as you travel to Orlando
  • Scale the template up and make stuffed minion pillows

How to Make Felt Minions


pieces of felt and scissors


Step 1

felt minion template cut outs

Select yellow, blue, black and white felt for this craft. Trace the template patterns on the selected felt.

Cut out the templates using scissors. 

Step 2

felt minion craft pieces

First, use the front body (yellow) cutout and the grey strip. Place the strip on the yellow base horizontally, towards the top.

Next, place the small circle (black) on the medium circle (white) and then place the medium one on the big grey circle.

Step 3

yellow minion cut out

Place the 3 small circles together (on top of each other) and lay them in the middle of the grey strip.

Prepare needle and thread to stitch the spectacle and the eyes together.  

Step 4

yellow minion template cut out

Use black thread to stitch a smiley face below the eye. 

Step 5 

felt minion toy

Place the blue square cutout on the yellow base. Match the edges along the bottom straight ends. 

Step 6

felt craft

Place the yellow front minion template on the brown base.

Thread your needle. 

Step 7

stitching a felt minion together

Keep the bottom end intact and start to stitch from one side. I used a simple flat blanket stitch. 

Step 8

needle and thread next to felt minion

Stitch all the way to the other side. Tie a knot or two and then cut off extra thread. 

To use: Place these adorable felt minions on top of a pen or pencil or thin marker. They might even work as finger puppets for small fingers, too! 

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felt minion craft tutorial

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