I’m Kim. I learned how to sew from my mom at an early age. My mom used to make lots of things for us, as well as selling her creations in local craft shops.

During high school, I took Home Economics class (also called Home Ec) and sewing was one of our skills to learn. Our first goal was to make a pin cushion. It was so easy and I STILL have it today! I’m always reminded that I made that and I could do it.

We also went on to sew clothes (I made a dress and shorts) and a pillow. Which I made and gave to my mom.

I love sharing simple sewing patterns and ideas that anyone can do. I don’t like complicated patterns (trust me, I’ve gotten frustrated more than once with sewing patterns that were too hard to understand.)

Hope you enjoy the easing sewing projects that I and my team of creators help you learn.

If you want to share one of your patterns with our readers and can provide step by step photos for a tutorial, we’d love to publish your craft!