A felt fox cup cozy wrapped around a coffee cup
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DIY Felt Fox Cup Cozy (Free Pattern)

Use our free pattern to hand sew a cute felt fox cup cozy. Make this DIY cup holder to fit any size or shape of mug that you have.

A cup with a felt fox on it.

DIY Felt Fox Cup Cozy


  • Free Fox Cup Cozy Pattern
  • Felt (Dark orange, white, pink, black and scarf color)
  • Matching thread colors
  • Fabric marker or pencil
  • Needle
  • Scissors


Step 1

Download, print and cut out the free fox pattern.

Trace the pattern on felt colors of your choosing. These are the colors we used:

  • Orange: Fox tail and body, head and ears
  • White: Fox face and tip of tail
  • Pink: Inner ear parts and cheeks
  • Black: Nose
  • Yellow: Scarf

Cut out the pattern pieces.

Fox Cup Cozy Step 1

Step 2

Thread a needle with pink thread and stitch the pink inner ear cutouts onto the larger ear cutouts. Use a basic stitch to secure the ears.

Fox Cup Cozy Step 2

Step 3

Use a pencil or pen to draw two arches for eyes on the white face cut out, as seen in the photo below.

Thread a needle with black thread and stitch over the lines you made to draw the eyes. Use basic stitches to sew the eyes.

Using the same black thread, you will also stitch the nose cutout to the middle of the face.

Fox Cup Cozy Step 3 Felt bunny ears and carrots on a white surface.

Thread your needle with pink thread and stitch the pink cheeks on either side of the face cutout, just underneath the eyes.

Step 4

Using a matching color of thread, stitch the ears on the back of the top side of the orange head cutout.

Fox Cup Cozy Step 4 A felt fox hat and a felt cat hat.

Step 5

Place the white fox face on the orange fox head.

Thread your needle with white thread and stitch the face pattern on the bottom part of the head cutout.

Step 5 A felt fox head on a white wall.

Step 6

Stitch the white tail tip cutout on the tip of the tail using your needle and white thread.

Fox Cup Cozy Step 6 A felt fox shaped like a pencil on a white surface.

Step 7

Thread a needle with orange thread.

Step 7 A felt fox with a needle and thread.

Using a standard size disposable coffee cup (or whatever mug or glass that you will be using this cup cozy on), wrap the tail around it once. Overlap the top slightly over the tail, keeping the tip of the tail below.

Fox Cup Cozy Step 8 A cup with a felt fox on it.

Then place the scarf pattern on top of the overlapping felt (not shown).

Step 8

Place the head pattern on top of the scarf and the overlapped parts of the cup holder base. In the photo below, we hadn’t attached a scarf, but you will use the same placement, just with the head over the scarf.

Stitch the head pattern on top of the felt tail and scarf, being sure to stitch through all of the layers to secure them.

You can stitch the sides of the head to the tail with the same color fabric. Then you may want to switch to a white thread to sew the face to the scarf and tail pieces.

Fox Cup Cozy Step 9 with needle and thread on white background
A felt fox cup cozy wrapped around a coffee cup

The felt fabric can be stretched a little bit, so you can easily slide this cup holder over a cup or mug that might be just a little bit larger.

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Easy to sew fox cup cozy.

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