Sewing cottagecore crafts.
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Felt Cottagecore Crafts to Sew

If you love the cozy cottagecore aesthetic and are looking to create a little piece of this whimsical world, these felt cottagecore crafts are perfect for you! These free felt sewing patterns are perfect for beginners and use hand sewing with a needle and thread, a very simple, back-to-basics way of creating artwork.

Felt is a warm textile with nubby texture that is perfect for these back-to-nature projects.

Sewing cottagecore crafts.

Whether it’s a quaint Fox Cup Cozy to warm your tea time, a charming Plush Mushroom for your bookshelf, or a collection of delightful bookmarks like the Deer Bookmark and whimsical Flower Book Band, these sewing patterns allow you to handcraft your own enchanted story. So grab your needle and thread, and get ready to stitch some cottagecore magic into your everyday life with these adorable felt creations.

Deer Bookmark

Dream of an enchanting forest landscape when you make this felt deer corner bookmark. The easy sewing pattern is perfect for curling up with a classic fairy tale set in a wooded landscape!

Two felt deer bookmarks on a pink background.

Fox Cup Cozy

A warm cup of tea or coffee is even more enjoyable when you use a cute fox cup cozy! This free sewing pattern can be customized to your favorite mug or cup.

Make this fox cup cozy in minutes.

Felt Mushroom Plushies

These small felt mushroom plushies are perfect for tucking onto bookshelves, displaying in a bowl or tiered tray, or hiding through the forest for an outdoor scavenger hunt.

Felt Mushroom Plush final on green background

Fox Bookmark

Similar to our felt deer bookmark, this felt fox corner bookmark also uses a free template and the same colors of felt. You can easily make both versions of these felt bookmarks at the same time.

two handmade felt fox bookmarks displayed near book with forest background

Owl Plushie

Who doesn’t love a cute owl? These small owl plushies are ideal for tucking onto a shelf. This beginner sewing project is great for all ages.

Felt Owl Plush multiple color schemes on peach background

Flower Book Band

Elastic book bands are a clever way of keeping your book pages open, whether you are cooking a recipe or want a hands-free way to read your book. Use this free flower bookmark pattern and customize to the colors of your favorite wildflowers.

elastic book band on top of book

Reusable Muslin Tea Bags

Whether you gather herbs and flowers in the garden for brewing your own tea or simply desire a more sustainable method of enjoying a hot cuppa, these DIY reusable tea bags are made with natural muslin material.

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7 cottagecore crafts to sew. Explore the enchanting world of cottagecore with these delightful sewing projects. From dainty floral pincushions to whimsical embroidered patches, this collection is perfect for

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