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Felt Flower Elastic Book Band

Know a book lover? Or someone who loves to journal? Then you’ll love learning how to sew a felt flower elastic book band to give as a perfect gift!

elastic book band over green book cover

This beautiful felt craft helps to keep the book pages from moving as you are reading or writing. It also looks great wrapped around a favorite book when not reading. Just wrap the elastic around the place where you left off to work as a bookmark.

elastic book band on table with coffee mug

Choose your favorite coordinating colors to create a handmade craft that they’ll love and treasure.

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How to Sew a Felt Flower Book Band


elastic book band supplies


Step 1

elastic book band pattern trim with scissors

Print off the flower pattern on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper. Each sheet consists of pattern pieces for making two felt flowers. Cut out the patterns.

Step 2

elastic book band dark purple pattern trim

Working on one flower at a time, cut around each of the pattern pieces on the felt. Use a pin to keep the pattern attached to the felt if needed.

elastic book band light purple felt trim

Step 3

elastic book band light green felt trimming

Cut out the circles on a coordinating felt fabric. 

Step 4

elastic book band ribbon trimming

Cut a piece of elastic 18” long. 

Step 5

elastic book band overlapping ends of band

Overlap the ends of the elastic and stitch the ends together to form a large loop. Avoid twisting the elastic.

Step 6

elastic book band tacking to center of pattern

Place the joined elastic ends on top of the largest felt petal piece and stitch them together. 

Step 7

elastic book band stacked patterns sewn

Stack the remaining felt petal pieces so that the largest with the elastic sewn on top of it is on the bottom. Rotate the direction for each layer of the felt so that the petals are displayed. Place the circle piece in the center. 

Step 8

elastic book band stacked pattern sewn

Holding the felt flower petals in place, sew straight stitch lines across the circle. When pulling out the fabric from under the needle, leave the thread long before cutting. Continue sewing random vertical stitches across the circle leaving long unclipped threads attached. 

Step 9

elastic book band clip extra thread on bottom side

Clip the threads on the underside of the flower. Trim the top long threads so they are about 1” long.

Step 10

elastic book band placeholder open book

Now you’re ready to wrap the elastic around a book page to hold your place. (We wrapped the elastic band twice around the book page.) The book band works especially well on a journal when you’re writing, or if you’re reading a book in bed.

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felt flower on an elastic book band

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