Fabric Bookmark with multicolor dots and ribbon colors

How To Sew Fabric Bookmarks

There’s nothing quite like reading an actual book and being able to flip the pages! If you love books, too, you’ll need a bookmark. So here’s how to sew fabric bookmarks to keep your place in your novel or journal.

Fabric Bookmarks on table with books

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How to Make Simple Fabric Bookmarks


Fabric Bookmark Supplies

This is a great source for getting lots of different colored felt for sewing projects.


Step 1

Fabric Bookmark with cutout pieces on white background

When choosing fabric, it’s better to choose thick fabric for the bookmark craft. Trace the rectangle pattern on the fabric for the bookmark. Trace the small round shapes on the felt to decorate the bookmark. 

Step 2

Fabric Bookmark sewing on pink and red accent dots

Place a small felt circle on a large felt circle. Position on the fabric bookmark. Sew all together, through the fabric. I did a simple running stitch around the side to secure it all together. 

Fabric Bookmark with sewn pink and red accent dots

Step 3

Fabric Bookmark pinning pink ribbon to back panel

Cut a piece of satin ribbon (about 6 inches or more). Fold the ribbon into half and place the folded side of the ribbon on the other fabric rectangle to be used for the bookmark. Position it down at least 1 inch and pin in place if needed. 

Step 4

Fabric Bookmark with front and back together but not sewn

Place the felt-stitched fabric base on the top of the plain one. Remove the pin if used. 

Step 5

Fabric Bookmark with completed sewing on white background

Use a sewing machine or hand stitch around all four sides. 

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fabric bookmarks

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