Folded book with a page marker designed as a cute, sleeping cartoon fox, against a pink background, featuring a story about woodworking.
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Fox Bookmark (Free Pattern)

Our cute fox bookmark is an easy craft to make with felt. This cozy book accessory is perfect for your reading or to give as gifts to book lovers.

Use our free pattern download to start making these bookmarks today!

Two felt fox bookmarks on a pink background.

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How to Sew a Fox Bookmark



Step 1

Download, print and cut out the free fox bookmark pattern.

Trace the templates on the felt fabrics and then cut out.

We used the following felt colors:

  • Face base patterns (2): Brown (could also use orange)
  • Smaller face base pattern (1): White
  • Ear inserts (2): Light Pink
  • Cheeks (2): Dark Pink
  • Nose (1): Black
A felt fox and a felt owl are laying on top of each other.

Step 2

Using the fox head base pattern with the ears, place a pink inner ear cutout on top of each ear.

A felt fox head with a needle and thread.

Thread your needle with matching pink thread. Stitch the pink triangles to the ears using a simple stitch.

Step 3

Using the white face cutout, place the black nose on the bottom corner of the face.

Using a pen or marker, draw eyes on the fox by drawing an arch for each eye.

Thread your needle with black thread.

Stitch over the eye pattern with your black thread, and also attach the nose to the white face base with the black thread.

A felt fox is hanging on a wall.

Step 4

Place the white face cut out on the bottom part of the head base that has the pink ears stitched on.

Then place the two small blush circles on either side of the white face cutout.

Thread your needle with matching pink thread and stitch the blush cutouts with the face cutout onto the head base. You should be sewing through three layers of felt by stitching the cheeks on.

Step 5

Take the other brown base cutout (without the ears stitched on) and place it under the head base pattern with all of the facial features.

Thread the needle with orange or white thread. (I used white.)

Start underneath one ear and stitch the two pieces together. Only stitch around the straight sides. Do not stitch the curved top part of the head.

A felt fox with pink eyes on a white wall.

A blanket stitch is what we used around the sides, but you can use any stitch.

I did not stitch around the corner point with the nose. The white thread would not have looked good. There is no need to stitch the tip of the fox nose together because the book pages will stay in the bookmark without it being stitched. However, if you would like a finished look, you can stitch the nose area with black thread to complete.

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How to sew a free pattern for a fox bookmark.

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