Two felt bookmarks with deer on them.
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Felt Deer Bookmark

Our adorable felt deer bookmark is perfect for when you cozy up with a good book! Use our free deer pattern and felt pieces to hand sew this easy book-lovers craft.

Two felt deer bookmarks on a pink background.

This corner bookmark craft will keep your place while you are reading and help to hold down the pages.

The same colors of felt and other sewing supplies were used to make our felt fox bookmark, too. You could easily make both at the same time.

This is just one of our fun felt Cottagecore crafts. Be sure to see them all!

How to Sew a Deer Bookmark


This is a great source for getting lots of different colored felt for sewing projects.


Step 1

Download, print and cut out the deer bookmark pattern.

Trace the patterns on the felt fabrics and then cut them out.

We used the following felt colors:

  • Head: Brown
  • Bookmark Base: Brown (same color as head)
  • Lower Part of Face: White
  • Horns: Dark Brown
  • Inner Ear: Pink
  • Nose: Black
  • Spots: White
Felt Deer Bookmark Step 1 - A felt fox with a heart and paws.
Note: Pink circles are shown but I ended up not using those in my bookmarks.

Step 2

Thread a needle with black thread. Stitch the nose to the middle of the lower part of the face pattern. Do not cut off the thread yet.

Then use a pencil, fabric marker or chalk to draw eyes on the face cutout. Draw an arch underneath each of the curved parts of the face. Then draw three straight lines starting at the outer edge, as seen in the photo below.

Felt Deer Bookmark Step 2 - A felt heart with a needle and thread.

Using the same piece of thread, stitch along the traced eye patterns. You can use a simple straight stitch to cover the lines that you traced.

Felt Deer Bookmark Step 3 - A white felt heart with black eyes on it.

Knot the thread 2-3 times in the back of the pattern piece and then cut off the excess.

Step 3

Thread a needle with pink thread and sew on the inner ear parts on the larger head cutout. Position the pink ear patterns so that the curved part is facing outwards and they are close to the outer edge of the ears.

Felt Deer Bookmark Step 4 - A felt fox and cactus craft.

Step 4

Place the horns on the top of the head pattern in the back.

Then place the spots on the top of the head in a triangle shape over the same area where the horns are located.

Felt Deer Bookmark Step 5 - A felt reindeer head on a white surface.

Thread a needle with white thread and stitch through the spots around the edge of each circle. Make sure to stitch through the spots, the head and the horns.

Felt Deer Bookmark Step 6 - A felt reindeer head on a white surface.

Tie a knot 2-3 times in the back of the head pattern and cut off the extra thread.

Step 5

Place the lower face part on the bottom part of the larger head pattern.

Felt Deer Bookmark Step 7 - A felt deer head and a piece of felt.

Then place the backside of the bookmark on the backside of the head, matching up the straight edges.

Felt Deer Bookmark Step 8 - A felt deer head with a needle and thread.
Felt Deer Bookmark Step 9

Thread a needle with white thread and stitch around the straight outer edges of the corner bookmark. Make sure to stitch through all three layers of felt. We used a flat blanket stitch.

Keep the top, rounded side open to insert a book page.

Once done stitching, tie 2-3 knots in the back to secure the stitching and cut off the extra thread. 

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Diy felt deer bookmarks.

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