How To Sew a Plush Mushroom

These tiny little stuffed plush mushrooms make me think of fairy gardens and woodland animals. Can’t you just see these added to a terrarium to make the most adorable wooded display?

Felt Mushroom Plush final on multicolor green background

Whatever you decide to do with these tiny mushrooms (maybe glue them to the end of a wooden skewer for a cute plant stick), I hope you appreciate their whimsy as much as I do!

How to Make Plush Mini Mushrooms


Felt Mushroom Plush Supplies

This is a great deal for getting lots of different colored felt for sewing projects.


Step 1

Felt Mushroom Plush with cutout felt pieces on white background

Select white (or any light colored felt) for the dots and the stem of the mushroom. Choose any colored felt for the top part (known as the cap) of the mushroom. (I used red felt.) Trace the template patterns on the felt and cut them out.  

Step 2

Felt Mushroom Plush sewing white dots to front panel

Stitch the small circle cutouts on the cap using a matching thread and needle. 

Step 3

Felt Mushroom Plush front panel with sewn white dots

Place a stem pattern near the bottom side of the cap. Overlap about one centimeter. Stitch the overlapped parts together with coordinating thread and a needle. 

Step 4

Felt Mushroom Plush back panel with sewn white dots

Now place the other stem part on the top of the stitched stem. Stitch around the side and the bottom of both the stems to join them together. Leave the top side of the 2nd stem unstitched for now.

Step 5

Felt Mushroom Plush prior to sewing front and back panels

Place the other cap pattern on top of the stitched cap. Tuck the bottom of the second cap under the top part of the second stem that you left unstitched previously. Now stitch them together at the top of the stem. 

Step 6

Felt Mushroom Plush stuffing with cotton filler

Hand stitch around the outer side of the caps to join them with a matching thread and needle. Keep a small opening to stuff the mushroom. Stuff the plush mushroom with cotton through the opening, making it look puffy with plenty of stuffing.

Step 7

Felt Mushroom Plush completed after final sewing

Stitch the small opening closed. Knot the thread close to the stitching and cut off the remaining thread. 

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