Cute Felt Pumpkin Plush softie
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How To Sew A Cute Felt Pumpkin

These stuffed felt pumpkins are the perfect tiny little treasure to tuck into a small space around your home. Make a bunch of them to add to a basket for Fall decor. Or display on your bookshelves or mantle.

Cute Felt Pumpkin Plush softie

Or, consider making them into magnets for the fridge. They are also great to put at each place setting for Thanksgiving dinner.

Be sure to get your free pumpkin template to make these cute pumpkins. They look great with the ghost, bat and witch patterns that are linked below the instructions.

This is a great source for getting lots of different colored felt for sewing projects.

DIY Felt Pumpkin


  • Free Pumpkin Template
  • Felt Fabric (orange, brown and green)
  • Needle and thread (orange, brown and green)
  • Cotton filling or cotton balls
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
Cute Felt Pumpkin Plush Softie Supplies


Step 1

Cute Felt Pumpkin Plush patterns on table

Trace the pumpkin pattern on the orange felt; trace the leaf and strips (vine) on green felt; and trace the stem pattern on brown felt. Cut out the patterns.

Step 2

Cute Felt Pumpkin Plush pattern lines with pencil marks

Use a pencil or fabric marker to trace vertical curve lines on a pumpkin cut out.

Step 3

Cute Felt Pumpkin Plush sewing lines on pumpkin pattern

Use orange thread to stitch along the traced lines.

Step 4

Cute Felt Pumpkin Plush cutouts

Place a brown stem and a green strip on the top middle part of the pumpkin base you just stitched. Then stitch the stem and strip to the pumpkin with brown thread. Do the same on the other pumpkin cut out, too. 

Step 5

Cute Felt Pumpkin Plush sewing cutouts together

Place the 2 pumpkin cut outs together, matching the stems and pumpkin shapes together. Be sure to keep the stitched side in the front. 

Step 6

Cute Felt Pumpkin Plush sewing cutouts together

Using a blanket stitch, sew together the edges around the outside of the pumpkin cutouts. Keep a small part open for stuffing. 

Step 7

Cute Felt Pumpkin Plush green leafs attached

Fill the pumpkin with cotton balls or polyester filling through the small opening. Sew the opening closed once the pumpkin is stuffed. 

Step 8

Cute Felt Pumpkin Plush with sewn leaf

Wrap the felt vine strip around a pen, chopstick, etc. to coil the felt in a spiral. Repeat with the other vine. Then, tack down the vines to the pumpkin with a little bit of green thread if you’d like. Or, you could use a drop of glue to keep them in place.

With the green thread, add some veins to the green leaf cut out with simple stitching.

Step 9

Cute Felt Pumpkin Plush softie overhead view

Stitch the leaf near the stem using green thread. 

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