Corner Bookmark on book page on blue background

Geometric Patterned Corner Bookmark (No Pattern Needed)

A corner bookmark is the perfect way to hold your place in a book. Our geometric pattern corner bookmark is a modern design that is easy to make with no pattern needed.

Corner Bookmark with book on blue background

This craft is similar to our patchwork coasters. You can do both with the same felt.

How to Sew a Geometric Corner Bookmark


  • Felt fabric
  • Thread in matching or complimentary colors
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
Corner Bookmark Supplies


Step 1

Decide a size for the corner bookmark. Book sizes can vary, so choose a size of book that you usually read and then take a measurement of how big you want the corner bookmark to be on the page.

Then cut out 2 triangle shaped pieces from a felt fabric. These can be the same color or complimentary colors.

The triangles need to be right triangles (with one 90-degree angle).

Trace and cut out small triangles to fill or create patterns on the base triangle.

Corner Bookmark Step 1

Step 2

Thread your needle.

Place a small triangle cut-out on a corner of the base triangle (the felt that you want to see on the front) and stitch it around the side with the base. 

Corner Bookmark Step 2

Step 3

After adding one triangle, add another. We used a pattern of connecting the edges of the triangles together. Reference our photo for an easy design template.

Corner Bookmark Step 3

Step 4

Continue to stitch the small triangle pieces on the base until the whole front base is filled with a geometric pattern. 

Corner Bookmark Step 4

Knot the thread in the back when you are done adding triangles.

Step 5

Thread the needle with another piece of thread, either the same color that you used before or a different color.

Corner Bookmark Step 5

Place both base triangles together, with the patterned side facing out.

Start to stitch the pieces together from the side. You will be stitching the two sides of the 90-degree angle together. You do not want to stitch the long side because that is where you will slide the bookmark over the book pages.

Corner Bookmark Step 6

Tie a knot when you have stitched the sides together. Then draw the needle towards the inside of the bookmark. Cut off the extra thread from inside the corner bookmark. This way you won’t be able to see the end of the thread.

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