Handcrafted felt oranges with white flowers on a dual-toned background.

Felt Orange (Free Pattern)

Celebrate orange season with these cute felt orange plushies. Use our free pattern to hand sew these felt foods.

Two handmade felt orange crafts with white flowers and green leaves on a dual-toned background.

These orange plushies would look great displayed in a bowl or used to decorate your kitchen, especially on a tiered tray.

They would also make cute magnets or brooches. Just glue a magnet strip or a pin clasp to the back.

This is just one of our many felt crafts with free sewing patterns.

Handcrafted felt oranges with decorative flowers and leaves displayed with a diy project description and a free pattern offer.

How to Sew a Felt Orange



Step 1

Download, print and cut out the free orange pattern.

Trace the pattern shapes on the selected colors. These are the colors we used:

  • (2) Orange Fruit: Orange
  • (2) Leaves: Green
  • Stem: Green
  • Flower Petals: White
  • Flower Center: Yellow
  • Crescent Shape: White
Felt Orange Craft Step 1

Cut out the pattern pieces.

Step 2

Draw small dots over half of one of the orange base patterns.

Felt Orange Craft Step 2

Thread a needle with matching thread color. Cut a long piece of thread because you will be stitching quite a lot with it.

Stitch over the dots. You can use simple cross stitches or a French knot stitch.

Felt Orange Craft Step 3

Do not cut the thread off yet.

Step 3

Place the small crescent cutout on the side of the orange base with the stitched dots. Place the round edge facing outwards, as seen in the photo below.

Felt Orange Craft Step 4

Thread a needle with white thread and stitch around the crescent to secure it to the base. Knot the thread in the back when done and cut off the excess.

Step 4

Place the stem cutout on the top side of the orange base with dots.

Felt Orange Craft Step 5

Then place the center of the flower in the middle of the flower petals.

Place the two leaves on the orange, overlapping the stem slightly. Then add the flower on top of the leaves, covering the pointed ends.

Felt Orange Craft Step 6
Felt Orange Craft Step 7

Thread a needle with yellow thread. Stitch a large cross stitch in the middle of the flower center, making sure to secure the flower petals, leaves and stem in the same stitch.

Tie 3-4 knots in the back to secure the thread and cut off the excess thread.

It may be difficult to get the stem underneath the yellow cross stitch depending on placement. You can attach the stem with orange thread in the next step, or do a few stitches with green thread if you would like.

Step 5

Felt Orange Craft Step 8

Place the plain orange base under the stitched one.

Using the orange thread that is still attached to your pattern piece, do a blanket stitch around the sides to join the bases, being sure to leave a small opening to stuff the orange.

Felt Orange Craft Step 9

Do not cut the thread off yet.

Step 6

Stuff a small amount of Polyfill or cotton stuffing into the orange until it is as plush as you would like.

Felt Orange Craft Step 10

Step 7

Continue stitching around the orange to close the opening. Tie a knot 3-4 times in the back to secure and cut off the extra thread.

Felt Orange Craft Step 11

Want to save this project for later? Just Pin It on a craft board to reference in the future!

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