Two felt flower ornaments on a blue background.
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Felt Poinsettia Ornament (Free Pattern)

This beautiful poinsettia ornament is so easy to sew with felt and our free pattern.

Poinsettias come in many colors. While red is the most popular, we also made this DIY Christmas ornament with white flower petals. You could also choose pink felt, too.

Two felt flower ornaments on a blue background.

How to Sew a Felt Poinsettia Ornament



Step 1

Download the poinsettia ornament template and cut out the pattern pieces.

Trace the patterns on the felt pieces. These are the felts we used for each pattern piece:

  • Red: Poinsettia Petals
  • Yellow: Flower Center Spiral
  • Green: Leaves
  • Orange: Flower Base
  • White: Ornament Base
A set of felt flowers and leaves on a white surface.

Step 2

Place two of the larger flower petal cutouts on the small circle base cut out. Arrange them around the outer edge.

Using a needle with matching thread, stitch the petals together on top of the round base at the base of the flower petal.

Step 3

Put the third large petal beside the other two and stitch it to the base as well.

A red felt flower with a thread attached to it.

Step 4

Add the other two petals until all of the large five flower petals are sewn to the base.

Step 5

Using the small flower petal cutouts, place them over the larger flower petals on the base in the center.

Stitch the small petal cutouts to the base in the same way. Sew through the large flower petals onto the base.

A red felt flower with a needle and thread.

Step 6

Using the spiral cutout pattern, roll the outer edge of the felt spiral in a tight roll.

Continue to roll the felt along the pattern piece as it wraps towards the center.

A yellow felt flower brooch on a white surface.

Step 7

Sew the rolled spiral in the center of the flower petals. You may need to add a stitch to the end of the spiral cut out to the rolled flower center if it keeps unrolling as you try to stitch it to the flower.

Step 8

Place the three leaf cutouts around the outer edge of the large round base pattern. Stitch the tips of the leaves down to the ornament base.

Green felt leaves on a white surface.

Step 9

Place the felt poinsettia on top of the ornament base and stitch it down to the base.

Step 10

Cut out a small piece of ribbon and make a loop with it. Sew the loop to the backside of the ornament. 

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Simple and easy DIY poinsettia ornament with a free pattern.

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