Two felt lemons on a polka dot background.
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Felt Lemon and Lime Plushies (Free Pattern)

These felt lemon plushies bring thoughts of freshness and summer time! Every time I look at them I smile because the citrus fruits are so cheerful and remind me of fresh squeezed lemonade!

Use our free pattern to hand sew a felt lemon softie with a pretty citrus bloom. The same pattern can be used to make a felt lime, just use a green felt instead of yellow.

Two felt lemons on a polka dot background.

These citrus fruit plushies would look great displayed in a bowl or used to decorate your kitchen, especially on a tiered tray.

If you or your child are having a lemonade stand, make a bunch of these felt lemons as decorations or to sell.

This is just one of our many felt crafts with free sewing patterns.

How to Sew a Felt Lemon Plushie



Step 1

Download, print and cut out the lemon pattern.

Trace the patterns on the felt fabrics and then cut them out.

We used the following felt colors:

  • Lemon: Yellow (Use green if making a lime)
  • Leaves: Green
  • Flower: White
  • Center of Flower: Orange or Yellow
  • Crescent Shape: White
Felt Lemon Step 1 -A set of felt lemons and leaves on a white surface.

Step 2

Place the small round cutout in the center of the flower cutout.

Then place any one pointy end of a leaf on top of the pointy end of the other leaf pattern, slightly overlapping the pieces.

Finally, place the crescent shape cutout on a side of a lemon base cutouts.

Felt Lemon Step 2 -A set of felt leaves and flowers on a white surface.

Step 3

Stitch the crescent shape to the lemon base with white thread.

On the other lemon base, place the double leaves behind the lemon, with about 1/3 of the leaves behind the lemon cutout.

Felt Lemon Step 3 - Two felt lemons on a white surface.

Step 4

Place the lemon with the crescent shape on the top of the plain lemon cutout with the leaves behind it.

Felt Lemon Step 4 -A lemon and a flower on a white surface.

Then place the flower on the top of the lemon, overlapping the edge of the lemon cutout and slightly over the leaves.

Felt Lemon Step 5

Step 5

Using a thread that matches the felt color of the center of the flower, add a simple cross stitch (in the shape of an X) in the center of the circle, making sure to go through all layers, including the flower, lemon and leaves.

Knot that thread in the back and cut off the excess.

Next, thread a needle with yellow thread that matches the lemon.

Felt Lemon Step 6

Stitch along the sides of the lemon bases to close them together. We used a flat blanket stitch around the sides.

Keep a small opening on the top to stuff the lemon.

Felt Lemon Step 7 -A felt flower with a thread attached to it.

Step 6

Using Polyfill, stuffing or small fabric or felt scraps, stuff the felt lemon. Don’t stuff it too much or else the edges won’t be able to close.

Felt Lemon Step 8 -A felt pineapple with a flower attached to a string.

Step 7

After stuffing, continue to stitch around the lemon to close it shut.

Tie 2-3 knots in the thread in the back to secure the stitching, then cut off the extra thread.

Felt Lemon Step 9 - A lemon brooch with a flower on it.

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Easy to sew lemon plushie.

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