Two felt avocado ornaments on a pink background.
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Felt Avocado Plushie (Free Pattern)

These cute felt avocados are absolutely adorable! These plushies are great gifts to give friends, cute Galentines Day gifts, or fun ornaments if you had a hanger.

Use our free avocado pattern for this felt hand sewing project.

A pair of felt avocados on a pink background.

These felt avocados are just one of our free felt food patterns.

How to Sew a Felt Avocado Plushie


  • Free Avocado Plush Pattern
  • Felt in different colors (We used two shades of green, pink and brown)
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread in matching colors
  • Polyfill or Cotton Stuffing
  • Fabric marker or pencil
  • Ribbon (optional)


Step 1

Step 1 Three felt avocados on a white piece of paper.

Download, print and cut out our free avocado pattern.

Trace the patterns on the felt colors that you choose. These are the colors that we used:

  • Avocado base: Dark green
  • Avocado body: Medium green
  • Cheeks: Pink
  • Heart: Brown

Step 2

Step 2 A green felt avocado with a pink pom pom on it.

Take the smaller base cutout (medium green) and use a pen or pencil to draw the eyes and mouth to make a face near the narrow top part.

The eyes are two simple arches, and the mouth is a traditional smiley face mouth.

Step 3

Step 3 A green felt avocado with pink pom poms.

Using a needle with black thread, stitch along the traced eyes and mouth using a basic stitch.

I added a few curved lines to make eye lashes along the eyes.

Step 4

Step 4 A green felt avocado with pink eyes.

Stitch the two small blush circles on either side of the face just underneath the eyes. Use pink thread and a needle to make basic running stitches.

Step 5

Step 5 A green felt avocado with a heart on it.

Place the felt heart cutout below the face near the bottom side of the green base.

Thread a needle with matching thread for the felt heart and stitch to the avocado body.

Step 6 Two felt avocados on a white surface.

Step 6

Step 7 A felt avocado with a thread attached to it.

Place the medium green avocado body on a larger dark green base.

Thread your needle with light green thread and stitch the light green base to the dark green base using a simple running stitch.

Step 8 Felt Avocado on white background with dark green back piece

Step 7

Place the other dark green base under the stitched avocado base pattern.

Thread a needle with dark green thread and start stitching around the sides of the 2 dark green bases to close them around their open sides.

VARIATION: If you would like to make this an ornament, you will need to add a loop of ribbon between the two dark green felt patterns. This will be the hanger.

Step 9 A felt avocado with a needle attached to it.

I used blanket stitches for the sides, but you can use any stitch you feel comfortable with.

Leave a small opening along the bottom but do not cut your thread off yet.

Step 8

Use cotton stuffing, fiber fill, or scrap felt pieces to stuff the avocado as plush as you would like.

Step 10 A felt avocado with a needle attached to it.

Step 9

Close the small opening with more hand stitching after you have stuffed the avocado plushie. Continue using the needle and dark green thread to finish the seam.

Knot the thread in the back of the avocado about 2-3 times when you are done to secure the stitching. Cut off the excess thread.

A felt avocado brooch on a white surface.

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two felt avocado plushies on green background with text overlay

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