Two felt heart bookmarks on top of a book.
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Felt Heart Corner Bookmark (Free Pattern)

This colorful felt heart corner bookmark is great for Valentines Day or to show your love all year round.

Use our free pattern to make this felt heart bookmark in four easy steps.

Felt heart bookmarks for valentine's day.

The DIY heart bookmark is made with simple hand sewing techniques, which makes this a great beginner sewing project!

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How to Sew a Heart Corner Bookmark



Step 1

Download, print and cut out the heart bookmark pattern.

Trace the patterns on at least two different colors of felt and then cut out.

For each bookmark you will need 2 large heart shapes as well as different sized smaller heart shapes to create the stacked patterns.

Heart Corner Bookmark Step 1 Three pink felt hearts laying on a white surface.

Step 2

Stack two of the smaller heart shapes on top of each other, with the smallest one on the top.

Heart Corner Bookmark Step 2

Thread your needle and stitch along the sides of the small heart to join it with the bigger heart shape.

Heart Corner Bookmark Step 3 Valentine's day valentine's day valentine's day valentine's day valentine's day.

Step 3

Now, place the smaller stitched heart pattern on the top of a base heart shape.

Heart Corner Bookmark Step 4

Hand stitch along the sides of the stacked hearts to join it with the base heart shape.

Heart Corner Bookmark Step 5 Two pink felt hearts with a needle and thread.

Step 4

Place the plain heart cutout base on the backside of the stitched heart pattern. 

Heart Corner Bookmark Step 6 Valentine's day felt heart.

Stitch along the straight sides of the hearts to join them together. Keep the round edges open to use the felt heart pattern as bookmark.

Finish the end of the stitching by knotting the thread in the back of the bookmark. Cut off the extra thread.

Heart Corner Bookmark Step 7 A pink and pink felt heart is laying on top of a white surface.

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Diy heart corner bookmark.

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