A green ghost stuffed animal on a pink background.
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How to Sew Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas (Free Pattern)

If you’re a fan of the beloved movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” then you’re in for a treat! Get ready to bring the mischievous charm of Oogie Boogie to life with this delightful felt craft.

With a free pattern download, a helpful video tutorial, and step-by-step photo tutorials, creating your own Oogie Boogie plush ornament has never been easier. Add a touch of spooky fun to your Halloween or Christmas decor with this fun felt craft that uses hand sewing.

A green ghost stuffed animal on a pink background.

This plushie can be made with or without a hanger. If you add a ribbon loop to the tope, you will have an Oogie Boogie ornament to use on your Halloween or Christmas tree.

A green felt ghost hanging on a pink background.

Oogie Boogie Plushie Felt Craft



Step 1

Print out the Oogie Boogie pattern. Cut out the individual pieces. Use these patterns to trace on the felt and cut out the pieces.

Step 2

Sew the mouth and eyes pattern pieces on the face of one of the Oogie Boogie body pattern pieces.

Step 3

Sew on Oogie Boogie’s eyebrows and scar by using black embroidery floss. Do this with just some simple stitches, nothing fancy. Only sew the face on one body piece.

A group of green felt ghosts on a white table.

Step 4

Start to sew the two body pieces together. Lay the two pieces on top of each other, keeping the face on the outside and showing. If you need, you can use pins to keep the pieces together.

Use whatever stitch you would like, but I used a blanket stitch.

I suggest starting to sew around the neck and then continue up towards the head.

Step 5

Before sewing the head pieces together, loop your ribbon and insert the cut edges between the two head pieces. I usually leave about 1/4 inch or more of ribbon inside the pattern pieces just to make sure the ribbon doesn’t fray and come out. This creates the ornament hanger.

Be sure to sew a few stitches over the felt and ribbon to secure the hanger and keep it from slipping. Continue sewing around the pattern.

Step 6

Once you have sewn most of the body together, add some stuffing inside.

A person is making a stuffed animal out of felt.

Step 7

Continue sewing around the pattern and adding stuffing when you can. I suggest using a pencil or corner turner to stuff the Poly-fill into the small spaces such as the arms and top of his head.

Step 8

When you get to where you started, finish off the stitching and tie a knot.

A green stuffed animal hanging on a string.
two hands holding a green stuffed felt oogie boogie against a white background

You can also see our video of how to sew an Oogie Boogie plush:

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