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Easy Lined Zippered Pouch Tutorial

Zippered pouches can be used for so many things, from cosmetics to pen holders. I like to keep some snacks or first aid supplies in pouches with a zippered closure, too. But are they complicated to sew?

Our lined zipper pouch tutorial shows how easy it is to sew a bag with a lining that will zip close. This is important if you want to protect the outer bag from spills or messes, such as crumbs, makeup smears or ink stains.

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Follow the step-by-step photo tutorial below and you can customize your own stylish pouch with coordinating fabrics. You’ll probably want to make more than one once you find out how simple it is!

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Once you are comfortable sewing a zipper (it’s easy, we promise!), try making these zippered pillow covers.


Can I Make a Pouch with a Lining in a Different Size?

Yes, you can make a zippered pouch in any size or shape you want. The dimensions and amount of fabric needed will be different, but you will follow the same steps.

How Can I Wash the Pouch if It Gets Dirty?

We suggest hand washing your handmade pouch if possible. You can also put it in the washing machine using cold water. Putting the pouch in a delicates bag for the washing machine will protect it.

Can I Use a Waterproof Fabric for the Lining?

You can use an oil cloth or vinyl fabric for the lining if you want it to be water-resistant or stain-resistant. Sew with these fabrics just like normal fabric. However, you won’t want to wash the pouch in the washing machine since those types of fabric are not easily washable.

Do I Need to Wash the Fabric Before Sewing?

Yes, we always suggest washing the fabric before starting your project. This makes sure that the fabric has shrunk before you sew. If you ever intend on washing the pouch, you need to pre-shrink the fabric. Otherwise, it could shrink when you wash it and become ruined. Wash on hot water to pre-shrink the fabric.

Lined Zipper Pouch on grey background

How to Sew a Zippered Pouch with a Lining


Lined Zipper Pouch Supplies


Step 1:

Cut fabric to be 9” x 7”. You will need two pieces for the outer fabric and two pieces for the inner lining.

Lined Zipper Pouch Step 1

Step 2:

Place zipper on top of outer fabric (with the right side facing towards you) with the top edge of the fabric and zipper edge aligned. Mark the zipper ½ inch from the edge with a pen (see below).

Lined Zipper Pouch Step 2

Step 3:

Bring the zipper to your sewing machine. Use a straight stitch or a zig zag stitch to sew across the zipper several times at the mark that you made in the previous step.

Lined Zipper Pouch Step 3

Step 4:

Trim the zipper to 9” so the outer edge is flush with the fabric edge.

Lined Zipper Pouch Step 4

Make sure the zipper is face down (the part that you grab to zip it should be on the fabric) and clip to hold it it in place with the edges of the zipper lining up with the edges of the fabric.

Lined Zipper Pouch Step 5

Step 5:

Sew across the top of the zipper with a zipper foot on your sewing machine.

Lined Zipper Pouch Step 6

Step 6:

Align the other edge of the zipper (the one not sewn) with the other outer fabric piece. Place the right sides of the fabric together before aligning the zipper edge. Sew across this zipper side with a zipper foot, as you did in the previous step.

Lined Zipper Pouch Step 7

Open the fabric up just to make sure that it is sewn correctly and looks like the example below.

Lined Zipper Pouch Step 8

Step 7:

Place the outer fabrics with the zipper sewn on them together, with the right sides together again. Now, place one of the lining fabric pieces along the top edge of the zipper. Make sure the right side is facing down and clip together.

Lined Zipper Pouch Step 9

Step 8:

Sew across the top of lining piece with a zipper foot.

Lined Zipper Pouch Step 10

Step 9:

Repeat the process on the other side. Align the other piece of lining fabric to the other side of the zipper and clip together. Sew together using a zipper foot on the sewing machine.

Lined Zipper Pouch Step 11
Lined Zipper Pouch Step 12

Step 10:

This is what your pouch should look like on the inside (zipper upside down) and the outside (zipper side up).

Lined Zipper Pouch Step 13
Lined Zipper Pouch Step 14

Step 11:

Next, top stitch along both sides of the zipper. You want to sew a line of stitching beside the zipper (you can use your sewing machine footer as a good way to evenly space the stitches from the edge of the zipper). Sew through the two pieces of fabric on each side.

Lined Zipper Pouch Step 15

Step 12:

Unzip the zipper ¾” of the way. Fold the pouch so that the outer fabrics are right side together on one side and the lining fabrics are right sides together on the other side. Make sure that the zipper teeth of the zipper are folded toward the lining side.

Lined Zipper Pouch Step 16

Step 13:

Place a few clips around the perimeter to hold it in place. Use two clips to mark a 2 inch opening along the bottom of lining. (See the picture below how the two red clips are space apart on the yellow lining side.)

Lined Zipper Pouch Step 17

Step 14:

Sew around the perimeter of the entire pouch with a ½ inch seam allowance. Be sure to leave the 2 inch opening in the lining unseen.

Lined Zipper Pouch Step 18

Step 15:

Clip the corners of the pouch with scissors to remove the excess fabric so that your corners will turn inside out. When you do this, be sure not to cut the stitches! You can cut the fabric diagonally close to the stitches, but don’t get so close that the hem might fray with wear and tear of using the pouch.

Lined Zipper Pouch Step 19

Step 16:

Turn the pouch right side out through the 2 inch opening that you left in the lining.

You will want to press out the corners of the pouch. You can use a chopstick or a turning tool (I LOVE this flamingo turning tool because it’s so fun!) to get the edges crisp.

Lined Zipper Pouch Step 20
Lined Zipper Pouch Step 21

Step 17:

Finally, top stitch along the 2 inch opening in the lining to close it shut.

You may choose to hand stitch the opening closed so that stitches are invisible. Either way works. The stitches will be enclosed in the pouch.

Tuck the lining back into the pouch and you are done.

Lined Zipper Pouch Step 22
Lined Zipper Pouch Step 23

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handmade zippered pouch with a fabric lining

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