DIY Pattern Weights made from fabric next to sewing pattern

DIY Pattern Weights for Sewing

Trying to keep your sewing pattern from moving while cutting out the fabric can be such a source of stress when sewing.

These easy DIY pattern weights make it much easier to cut out patterns. The sewing pattern weights hold down the flimsy patterns so that they don’t move. Then you can pin the patterns and cut the fabric out more easily.

DIY Pattern Weights (10)

We think these pattern weights would make fun handmade balloon weights, too! They are so cute and could be made with fabric that matches your party!

You can fill these weights with rice or sand instead of weighted stuffing beads if you’d like.

Be sure to make several of these weights since you usually need to weigh down a pattern at the corners. Which means you need at least 2-4 weights for larger pattern pieces.

Use these weights for our projects that have free sewing patterns.

How to Sew Pattern Weights


DIY Pattern Weights Supplies


Step 1:

Cut two 5” x 5” squares for each pattern weight you would like to make. Also cut one 5 inch piece of ribbon for each pattern weight.

DIY Pattern Weights Step 1
DIY Pattern Weights Step 2

Step 2:

Place two fabric squares on top of each other with the right sides together. Clip them in place to hold together.

DIY Pattern Weights Step 3

Step 3:

Fold the ribbon into a loop (with the wrong sides together). Place the cut ends of the loop at one corner of the fabric, inside the squares, pointing towards the center. Clip in place to hold.

DIY Pattern Weights Step 4

Step 4:

Sew up one side of a square, across the top with the ribbon, and down the other side with a ½ inch seam allowance. Keep the other side open.

DIY Pattern Weights Step 5
DIY Pattern Weights Step 6
DIY Pattern Weights Step 7

Step 5:

Clip the top two corners diagonally with scissors. Be sure not to cut the stitching. This helps the bag to turn inside out more easily and allows you to get a crisper corner edge.

DIY Pattern Weights Step 8

Step 6:

Open the bottom and bring the bottom two corners together so that the seams meet. Clip to hold together.

DIY Pattern Weights Step 9

Step 7:

Sew from one edge of the bottom just pass the center seam with a ½ inch seam allowance. Leave room to turn inside out.

DIY Pattern Weights Step 10

Step 8:

Reach through the opening and pull the ribbon to turn the pattern weight right side out.

Use a turning tool or chopstick to gently press out the corners.

DIY Pattern Weights Step 11

Step 9:

Use a small funnel to fill the pattern weight with Poly-Pellets. You could also use sand or rice.

DIY Pattern Weights Step 13

Step 10:

Turn the opening under 1/2 inch. Hand stitch with an invisible stitch (use a ladder stitch if possible) to close.

DIY Pattern Weights Step 14
DIY Pattern Weights Step 15
DIY Pattern Weights Step 12

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