Nightmare Before Christmas Free Sewing Patterns

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the most popular Halloween movies. Share your love of the colorful characters with these easy Nightmare Before Christmas free sewing patterns.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Free Sewing Patterns

These stuffie sewing patterns can easily be made into ornaments by adding a ribbon loop hanger.

A green ghost stuffed animal on a pink background.

Oogie Boogie Stuffie

Or you can watch the YouTube video tutorial.

Sally Stuffie

Zero Dog Stuffie

Or watch the YouTube tutorial

Jack Skellington Stuffie

Sally Costume

A great Nightmare Before Christmas costume for kids.

Nightmare Before Christmas T-Shirts

These are great easy Halloween costumes! Perfect for places where Halloween is hot!

Zero Ghost Dog Costume

Perfect when you want to bring your pet trick or treating!

Nightmare Before Christmas Patterns

These sewing patterns are not free, but they do offer a different version of the colorful characters. These plushies and dolls are made from patterns found on Etsy.

Photo: Etsy/SokolFelt

These adorable plushie patterns also come in Zero and Oogie Boogie patterns.

Photo: Etsy/Kosucas

This large Sally doll pattern is especially great for kids who love the movie.

Nightmare Before Christmas Fabric and Sewing Notions

In addition to free sewing projects, we have added some resources for where to find The Nightmare Before Christmas fabric to make any easy sewing project!

This Sally dress print fabric is an easy way to get the patchwork look without needing to sew the patches.

You may also like this Jack Skellington fat quarter for small sewing projects.

Additional themed fabrics which can be used for any easy sewing project include:

The Nightmare Before Christmas themed fabrics

These Nightmare Before Christmas buttons are the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy to your crafts.

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