Close-up of fabric star decorations, one blue with white stars and one red checkered, hanging among blue hydrangea flowers.

DIY Patriotic Plant Picks

These patriotic plant picks are the perfect way to add Americana decorations to your home. The star picks can be used for Fourth of July or Memorial Day.

Close-up of fabric star decorations, one blue with white stars and one red checkered, hanging among blue hydrangea flowers.

Make a few star plant picks to add to your houseplants, floral arrangements or table centerpieces.

You could also use these as star wands! Just add lots of ribbon streamers to the base of the stars.

A green vase with pink carnations, topped with a plaid fabric star adorned with red ribbons, is placed on a wooden table with green foliage in the background.

How to Make Patriotic Plant Picks


  • Fabric
  • Thread (either matching or a complimentary color)
  • Star Template
  • Chenille Stems
  • Polyfill or Stuffing
  • Bamboo Skewers, Sticks or Chopsticks
  • Ribbons
  • Sewing Machine or Hand Sewing Needle
  • Pinking Shears (optional)
  • Pins or Tailor’s Chalk (optional)


Step 1

Trace a star template on your fabric. Cut out two stars for each plant pick.

A piece of checkered fabric with a star pattern outlined on it. A white star-shaped cutout is placed above the outlined shape. The background fabric has a star design.

I used pinking shears to make decorative edges, but you can use standard scissors.

Close-up of a person's hand holding a piece of star-patterned fabric with zig-zag edges and pins. Pinking shears are visible on a similar patterned surface.

Helpful Tip: When using pinking shears, cut around the pattern so that the cuts go to the traced pattern line. Don’t start cutting on the line because your pattern will be too small.

Step 2

Place the two stars together, with right sides (pretty sides) facing out.

Decide on whether you want the stars to be on top of a chenille stem, or if you would like the chenille stem to go through the star (see photos for the two different types).

You can mark the gap that you will need to accommodate the chenille stems if you would like. Mark either side of where the chenille stem will be with a pin or tailor’s chalk.

A hand holding a white pin near a yellow guitar pick on a star-patterned fabric with a red pipe cleaner in the foreground.

Step 3

Sew around the outer edge of the two pieces of fabric. Sew close to the edge with either a sewing machine or by hand sewing.

Leave a gap for where you will insert the chenille stem. Also, leave a big enough gap to add some stuffing into the star.

Step 4

Add a small amount of stuffing in between the fabric layers. (See my YouTube video for a smart hack to save money on Polyfill or stuffing.)

You may want to have the chenille stem in between the fabric layers at this time, or choose to insert it later.

Step 5

Insert the chenille stem into the star (if you haven’t already).

Sew the open sides together to finish the stars. You can do this with the sewing machine or hand sewing.

Helpful Tip: You can finish off the stars by adding a little bit of hot glue or craft glue to secure the stems if you don’t want to sew. This part can get a little bit fiddly with small sections to stitch, so do whatever works!

Don’t worry about sewing across the Polyfill if it is close to the edge.

Close-up of a hand guiding a star-shaped fabric with a white star pattern under a sewing machine needle for stitching.

Step 6

Wrap the bottom of the chenille stem around a bamboo skewer, stick or chopstick. Start at the top and continue to wind the chenille stem around the stick tightly.

Step 7

Add ribbons to the base of the star. Wrap ribbon around the stick or skewer and tie into a bow, add knots, etc.

See the YouTube video to watch me make these patriotic plant picks:

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Two star-shaped fabric plant sticks, one red checkered and one blue with white stars, are displayed with a blue hydrangea background. Text reads "Patriotic Plant Sticks" at the bottom.

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