Handmade Valentines Day Cards (Hand Stitched)

Handmade Valentine’s Day cards show how much you care! If you took the time to make a card to show your love, they will always remember it! (And probably keep the card, too!)

Our hand-stitched heart cards are perfect for Valentines Day and Galentine’s Day. The handmade cards are simple and cute.

Two Valentine's Day cards adorned with pink and red hearts.

Use our free heart pattern templates to start making these homemade Valentines.

These are just one of our many easy Valentines Day Sewing Projects.

How to Stitch a Valentines Day Card



Step 1

Cut a square or rectangle from white cardstock paper.

Trace one of the heart shapes from the provided template or draw a heart shape by yourself. Instead of drawing a straight line to trace the pattern, use a series of small pencil dots to mark the stitching points along the edge of the heart pattern.

Trace pattern on cardstock using small dots.

Be sure to have a stitch dot on the bottom base of the heart at the point, and at the top of the heart where the two sides curve inwards.

Then try to place the dots so that they are across from each other in a straight line, with the same amount of dots on each side. This doesn’t have to be exactly perfect.

Step 2

Thread a needle with colorful yarn. Tie a knot in the yarn at the other cut end.

Bring the threaded needle through the point at the base of the heart, drawing the yarn from the backside of the card to the front.

A piece of paper with a pink string on it.

Don’t pull the knot through the hole. Just pull it tightly enough so that the knot stays on the backside of the card.

Step 3

From the bottom of the heart where you brought the needle through, go up to the next dot on the left-hand side and insert the needle. Draw your thread through to the back until it can’t be pulled through any more.

A piece of paper with a pink heart on it.

Step 4

Now bring the yarn across the back of the cardstock in the back and insert the needle through the next hole on the right hand side.

A piece of paper with pink thread and a needle.

Bring the thread across the cardstock and insert your needle in the dot across from the one you just stitched.

A piece of paper with a pink heart on it.

The yarn should be in a horizontal line across the pattern template.

Continue this step for the entire heart pattern. Go up to the next pattern dot on the left hand side of the heart, bring your needle through and make a line across to the right hand side. Then bring your needle up through the next dot on the right hand side and then bring the thread across the heart to the other side.

Step 5

After you have completed the heart, you can go back through and add some diagonal stitches for more visual interest.

Stitch from one hole to another in a random pattern to add even more yarn and lines to the heart.

Step 6

When you are done stitching, bring the needle to the backside of the card. Tie a knot and cut off the extra thread.

Step 7

Glue a piece of paper or cardstock on the backside of the stitched heart card to cover the back stitches.  

Helpful Tips

  • Use any size or color of cardstock that you want. This would also look nice with a colored cardstock.
  • Add more than one heart template on the cardstock if you would like to.
  • While we made a flat card, you can make a folded card. Just stitch one side of the folded cardstock. You will definitely want to add another piece of cardstock over the back stitching (Step 7) when you are done to hide the knots and stitches.
  • Thin to medium-weight yarn is best. You don’t want the yarn to be too chunky or it won’t easily go through the cardstock.
  • A thick needle meant for yarn is best (with a large eye to thread yarn through). It will go through the cardstock more easily and make nice decorative holes. Make sure to get a large eye sewing needle with a pointed end, NOT a blunt end tapestry needle. Blunt ends will not poke through the cardstock easily.

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