A green diy eye pillow with lavender flowers on it.

DIY Lavender Eye Pillow (Use Hot or Cold)

Aromatherapy eye pillows are a great gift to make that everyone loves! Or make one for yourself. These DIY lavender eye pillows can be used cold (perfect for depuffing eyes or sinus pain) or warm (great for headaches).

A green diy eye pillow with lavender flowers on it.

If you plan on heating an eye mask, it is necessary to only use 100% cotton fabric and thread! Any other type of material could melt or damage your microwave!

This microwavable eye pillow makes a great gift, just like our DIY microwaveable neck wrap. The both use lavender flowers and rice, so you can make both very easily.

Do I Need a Liner for my Eye Pillow?

Most rice bags for eyes do not use a fabric liner in addition to the outer fabric. If you are using a thick cotton fabric, such as flannel, you probably wouldn’t need a protective liner inside.

However, if you are using a fancy fabric that is thin, like I did, I added a muslin liner to protect my eyes from the sharp edges of the rice and dried flowers. The liner also protects the fabric from being punctured or torn from the sharp bits inside.

A DIY eye pillow made from a piece of paper with lavender flowers on it.

Adding a liner is not hard, and is just one extra piece of fabric to cut (I actually doubled up my liner by using two pieces of muslin fabric just to be safe). The choice is up to you.

DIY Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

The size of fabric to make these eye masks is up to you. I cut fabric pieces 10 inches by 8 inches. Feel free to make yours bigger if you would like. The directions are the same regardless of what size fabric you use.


  • Fabric for inner liner (I used 4 pieces of 10 in. X 8 In. muslin pieces)
  • Outer fabric (I used 2 pieces of 10 in. X 8 In. velvet scrap fabric)
  • Thread
  • 1 cup dry, uncooked rice (not instant)
  • 1 cup dried lavender flowers


Measure the fabric to be the size that you want. You will want both the inner liner (if you are using one) and the outer fabric to be the same size.

Place the cut piece of outer layer of fabric over the inner layer (if using one). You will want the right side of the fabric (the part you will see on the outside of the eye mask) facing up. Make two separate stacks of fabric like this.

Now, place one stack of fabric on the other, with the right sides of the fabric facing together.

Stitch around three sides of the eye pillow. You will stitch both long sides and a short side. Leave one short side open.

A sewing machine is being used to stitch together a diy eye pillow.

Turn the eye pillow inside out. You will now have the right sides facing out. If the corners of the rice bag need to be pushed out, you can use a chopstick or a pen to push them out from the inside.

A person is holding a piece of fabric with scissors while making a DIY eye pillow.

Mix the rice and lavender together. 

Add the rice and lavender mixture into your eye mask bag. You can use a funnel for this or roll up a piece of paper to make a temporary funnel to get the ingredients in more carefully.

Leave about 2 inches of free space at the top so you can fold over the raw edges and sew them closed. 

Tuck the edge of the short side under slightly, creating a finished edge of folded fabric.

A person using a sewing machine to create a DIY eye pillow.

Now, sew the short side together to finish off the pillow.

A sewing machine is being used to sew a diy eye pillow made of fabric.

What Fabric to Use to Make an Eye Mask

You will need to know how you intend on using your eye mask before choosing fabric. This is very important so that you make an eye pillow that is safe.

If you intend to heat your rice bag, you will need to use a 100% cotton fabric and cotton thread. This is because cotton is safe to heat in the microwave, but polyester and other materials are not.

However, if you do not want to make a heatable eye mask, you can use other types of fabric.

For instance, I used a fancy velvet material that feels luxurious on my eyes. Satin or silk would also be a great option for an indulgent eye pillow. But these types of fabrics cannot be heated!

A diy eye pillow made with a piece of fabric adorned with lavender flowers.

This is a great project to use up scraps of fabric or even turn material from worn out flannel shirts or clothing into something useful.

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