Two heart shaped felt brooches on a pink background.
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Felt Heart with Flowers (Free Sewing Pattern)

Our easy felt heart with flowers craft is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Use our free pattern to make these handmade hearts.

These felt hearts look Victorian, with their beads and flower accents. We love the old-fashioned Valentine’s aesthetic.

Two heart shaped felt brooches on a pink background.

These felt heart softies would look wonderful arranged in a small bowl or on a tiered tray. If you would like, you could add a ribbon loop to hang these. Or attach a magnet in the back and display on your refrigerator.

Learn how to sew intricate and charming Victorian felt hearts adorned with delicate flowers.

This craft is just one of our many easy Valentine sewing projects with free patterns.

How to Sew Felt Hearts with Flowers



Step 1

Download, print and cut out the free heart patterns.

Trace the patterns on the colors of felt that you would like for this project.

In this tutorial we used these colors:

  • Large Heart Base Patterns (2): Light Pink
  • Small Heart: Dark Pink
  • Flower Petals (2): White
  • Flower Middle: Yellow
  • Leaves (2): Green

Cut out the felt pattern pieces.

Three felt hearts with flowers and leaves on a table.

Step 2

Using the 2 flower cutouts, place the small flower cutout on top of the big flower cutout.

Then place the small round cutout in the center of the flower.

Place the two leaf cutouts on the small heart cutout.

A heart and a flower on a white surface.

Step 3

Place the flower pattern on the small heart cutout, over the leaf cutouts.

Thread a needle with thread that matches the center of the flower.

Stitch around the circle flower center with basic stitching, being sure to stitch through the two layers of the flower petals and the leaves.

Do not cut off the thread yet.

Step 4

Using the same needle and thread, attach a variety of seed beads to the front of the felt heart.

Place as many beads on the heart as you would like by placing the bead on the needle, drawing the thread through, and then drawing the needle through the felt to the backside.

Repeat the process for each bead.

A felt heart with a flower and a needle.

Knot the thread in the back of the heart when you are finished and cut off the excess.

Step 5

Place the small heart with flowers and beads on top of one of the larger felt heart bases.

Thread your needle with thread. We used a contrasting color, but you can use a color that matches the small heart if you would like.

Attach the two pieces together by stitching around the small heart using a basic stitch.

A pink felt heart with a flower on it.

Knot the thread in the back and cut off the excess unless you would like to use the same color for Step 6 below.

Step 6

Place the other heart base cutout underneath the stitched one, matching up the edges so that they are even.

Thread a needle with thread. We chose a contrasting color to stitch around the heart.

You can choose a matching color if you would like.

A felt heart with a flower and a needle.

If you choose the same color that you stitched around the small heart, you would not need to start another piece of thread. You could stitch with the thread left on your needle from Step 5.

Stitch around the sides of the heart using a blanket stitch. Leave a small opening for stuffing the heart in the next step.

Step 7

Stuff the Valentines heart pattern with fiberfill, Polyfill or small scrap pieces of felt.

Once stuffed, continue stitching around the edge of the heart to close the opening.  

Knot the thread in the back and cut off the excess.

Helpful Tips

  • Be sure your needle will fit through the opening of the seed beads before starting this project.
  • Use a variety of colors to make these Valentines hearts. We used blue and white to make a really pretty handmade heart that is perfect any time of the year.
  • These hearts are so tiny that you could use a cotton ball as stuffing, if you would like.

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Learn how to sew intricate and charming Victorian felt hearts adorned with delicate flowers.

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