10-Minute Fleece Bunny (No Pattern Needed)

This quick and easy DIY bunny pattern is made with polar fleece! If you can sew a straight line, you can make this cute stuffed bunny in 10 minutes or less!

This bunny softie is the perfect size to tuck into an Easter basket. I also have free printable gift tags to add to your Easter bunny.

10 minute easter bunny no pattern needed.

Customize these bunnies by using different ribbons, yarn or twine as bows around the neck or ears. I added tulle to make a bow on one of my bunnies.

The ears can also be customized, using either pinking shears to add a zig zag look, or trimming the fleece to be pointed.

Save money on fleece by buying a large fleece blanket at Walmart or a thrift store. It’s just one of our tips for where to find fabric for cheap.

I show how to make these stuffed bunnies from start to finish in my YouTube video found below the instructions.

How to Make a Fleece Bunny


  • Polar Fleece (you will need one 6 X 8″ piece for each bunny)
  • Thread
  • Rubber band
  • Ribbon, yarn or twine
  • Polyfill, cotton stuffing or fleece scraps
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Pinking Shears (optional)


Step 1

Cut a piece of fleece that is 6 inches wide by 8 inches tall.

A person cutting a piece of pink felt with scissors.
A pair of scissors next to a piece of pink felt.

Fold in half with the long side folded. Place right sides together.

Step 2

Sew a straight stitch up the long side that is not folded and across the short side. Use a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

To make the turn at the corner, be sure that the needle is inserted in the fabric. Then lift up the presser foot and turn your fabric 90 degrees to start sewing down the other side.

A person using a sewing machine to sew a piece of fabric.

Leave the other short side opened.

Step 3

Turn the tube inside out, pushing out the corners with a turning tool or your fingers for a crisp edge.

A bunny holding a pink felt ball.
A person is holding a pink towel.

Step 4

Add Polyfill stuffing, cotton or other fill material to make the bunny as soft or as firm as you would like. I added stuffing for about 4 inches, however you can add more of less depending on how long you want the ears to be.

A pink felt bunny bag with a ribbon tied around it.
I used scrap pieces of fleece to stuff my bunny plushies.

Wrap a rubber band around the fabric just above the stuffing, wrapping several time to secure the fabric together and pull it together tightly.

Alternatively you could use ribbon, yarn or twine to tie a knot around the fabric.

Step 5

Now create the bunny head by wrapping ribbon, yarn or twine about 1 1/2 – 2 inches underneath the top knot. Pull the ribbon or yarn tightly so that you create a head shape, then finish off with a bow or knot.

A person is holding a pink bunny.

Alternatively you could also use a rubber band.

Step 6

Cut the top of the fabric that is above the top knot in half to create the ears. Using scissors, cut down the center of the fabric almost to the rubber band.

Shape each side of the fabric to look like bunny ears by cutting a curve from the middle of the side towards the top.

A person cutting a piece of pink felt to make a bunny.

Add a free Some Bunny Loves You printable tag if you are giving as a gift.

Two pink bunny bags with tags on them.

Watch me make these bunnies in my YouTube video below:

Custom Sizes

If you would like to make a larger bunny, it is easy to do so. This project uses a 3:4 ratio to cut the fleece.

For instance, we used fabric cut to 6 inches X 8 inches. For a bigger bunny, you can use 9 X 12 inch pieces of fabric. An even larger stuffed bunny would use 12 X 16 inch fabric pieces.

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10 minute easter bunny no pattern needed.

This is just one of our many free bunny sewing patterns!

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