dog bandana closeup on dog sitting on ground in leaves

How to Sew a Dog Bandana: 6 Steps

How cute is this dog bandana? Don’t you think it makes Camo look very stylish? If you want to let your dog’s personality shine, too, here are six steps for how to sew a dog bandana.

dog bandana closeup on dog sitting on ground in leaves

A working farm dog, Camp is a 7-year old Australian Kelpie and Blackmouth Curries mix. He protects chickens and guinea fowl.

And, yes, his eyes are two different colors!

dog bandana with blue and white plaid pattern

He loved posing with his new bandana. I think some dogs instinctively know when they are being stylish! LOL.

If your dog has that personality, doesn’t he or she deserve a fashionable bandana to wear?

dog wearing a bandana sitting on fall leaves

The great thing is that if you have some fabric, you can make a bandana for your dog’s neck right now! There’s no fancy pattern needed. Just start measuring and cutting!

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How to Sew a Dog Bandana


Cut a square of fabric according to the size you’ll need. Some examples are below. We used a Size Small piece of fabric for this tutorial.

XS17″ X 17″
S23″ X 23″
M28″ X 28″
L34″ X 34″
XL40″ X 40″


Step 1

Measuring fabric on cutting mat

Fold the square in half to create a triangle. Measure from the center of the fold toward the point of the triangle. Make a mark at the appropriate point according to the table below. Then, draw a straight line from the mark to each corner on the left and right. Cut along the lines. This will have you cutting off some of the top of the triangle to create a shape that works as a bandana.


Step 2

fabric triangle with sewing clips on edges

If your fabric has a wrong and right side, cut on the fold. Then place right sides together and clip all the way around. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have to worry about cutting the fold and flipping the fabric if both sides look the same. You’d actually have a side that wouldn’t necessarily need to be sewn in the next step if you kept the fold.

Step 3

sewing seam on dog bandana

Sew around the perimeter with a ¼” seam allowance, leaving a 2” opening for turning inside out.

Step 4

Dog bandana step 5 overhead on grey background

Pull the fabric through the opening to turn it right side out. Use a turning tool or chopstick to gently press out the points.

Step 5 

blue and white check dog bandana on wood background
ironed bandana for dogs

Turn the opening under 1/”4 inch. Press flat with an iron.

Step 6

sewing checkered fabric on sewing machine
handmade Dog bandana

Top stitch all the way around the bandana, including the opening that you just pressed. And you’re done!

dog bandana with blue and white plaid pattern on dog sitting in leaves

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