Colorful felt garden-themed seed packet display on a checkered background.
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Seed Packet Gift Holders (with Video)

Gardeners love receiving seeds as a gift, but it can seem boring to give a small envelope of seeds. Our fun seed packet gift holders are a great way to make a gift of seeds seem really special.

Use felt and our free patterns to easily make these seed packet holders in 10 minutes or less.

Colorful felt garden-themed seed packet display on a checkered background.

These are especially great gifts for:

  • Party favors
  • Wedding favors
  • Easter baskets
  • Mother’s Day gift ideas
  • Garden party favors

This is a great beginner sewing project!

A colorful craft project displaying handmade felt seed packet gift pouches with free patterns available from

How to Make Seed Packet Gift Holders


  • Free Seed Packet Gift Patterns
  • Felt (Orange and Green for Carrot; 2 Complimentary Colors for Flower)
  • Interfacing (optional)
  • Matching Thread
  • Sewing Machine


Step 1

Download, print out and cut out the free patterns. We have a flower pattern and a carrot pattern to use.

Trace the pattern on the corresponding pieces of felt and cut out.

An assortment of colored felt fabric pieces with a heart shape cut out and a leaf shape design on a white background.

Helpful Tip: Cutting inside the traced line, rather than on the line or outside the line, prevents the line from being seen on the finished product.

Step 2

Layer the pieces on top of each other to create the gift holder. Then pin the felt pieces together.

Optional: If you would like to stiffen the gift holders, you can add a layer of thick interfacing in between the layers of felt.

For the carrot: Place the two large felt pieces together. Add the three carrot leaves in between the layers. Then place the shorter carrot piece on top of the large carrot template.

Handcrafted felt carrot with green leaves and a seed packet on a white background.

For the flower: Center the large felt circle in the middle of the felt flower template. Then place the half circle on the bottom of the full circle, making sure to match the edges. Trim off any excess that shows.

Step 3

Sew around the outer edge with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Be sure to sew through all of the layers.

For the carrot: Sew around the outer edge of the carrot, making sure to secure the leaves in between the felt pieces as you sew.

Orange fabric with seed packet pins being sewn on a sewing machine.

For the flower: Sew around the felt circle.

Insert a seed packet into the pocket and give as a gift.

Want to watch me make these seed packet gift bags? See my YouTube video below:

A colorful graphic featuring seed packet designs, felt cut-outs, and a youtube play button, likely representing a diy tutorial on creating bags from seed packets.

Helpful Tips

Here are the helpful tips I learned from sewing these seed packet gift holders:

  • The quality of the felt is important to how these seed packet gifts will look. I used a less expensive felt for the flowers and it was easy to see through the petals. The thicker the felt, the more sturdy the gift holder will be and the less you will be able to see the seed packet through the fabric.
  • Interfacing can be used to stiffen the holder and make it less floppy.
  • Trim the edges of the felt to match up evenly. For the carrot, I waited until I stitched around the perimeter to tidy up the edges. For the flower, I evened up the edges before sewing it to the flower base, as it would have been more difficult once the flower center was sewn on.

Be sure to save this project for later by pinning it to Pinterest!

Colorful homemade felt seed packet holders shaped like a strawberry and carrot with free patterns advertised for convenient seed packet organization.

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