Simple Felt Pumpkin Garland

This simple felt pumpkin garland is so easy to make. Honestly, there are few sewing projects that are this quick to create!

orange white and green felt pumpkin garland on wood background

We used some pastel and vibrant colors for our pumpkin garland. A little bit different than normal fall colors, but still very autumn-like. Consider using other colors for your pumpkins, such as yellows, pinks or blues, to make an untraditional pumpkin garland to fit your house decor.

felt pumpkin garland on wood table

Feel free to use just one color, or a variety of colors or patterned felt.

How to Make Felt Pumpkin Garland


three pieces of felt with thread and scissors


Step 1

three stacks of cut felt pumpkins

Trace the pumpkin template onto felt using a pen. Cut out multiple pumpkins in each color you want. The number of pumpkins you need will depend on how long you want your finished garland to be. You can guess at how many pumpkins you need by measuring the space you want to hang the garland from. Add in a few more inches if you want the garland to swag down in the middle. Then divide by the width of the pumpkin template.

Step 2

stacked felt pumpkin shapes

Stack the felt shapes on top of each other in the order they will appear in your pumpkin garland.

Step 3

Move the stack of felt pieces to your sewing machine.

Step 4

Pull the top and bottom threads from the bobbin on the sewing machine a few inches before sewing. This will allow for thread to be on the end for hanging the garland.

Step 5

orange felt pumpkin under sewing machine foot and needle

Choose a line on the sewing machine’s plate to guide your sewing. It can be to the right or left of the needle, but use it to line up each felt shape.

Step 6

sewing felt pumpkins together on a sewing machine

Sew with a straight stitch, adding felt shapes as you go. If there is space between the felt shapes, continue “sewing air” to form hanging thread between the shapes.

Step 7

sewing felt pumpkin garland on a sewing machine

Continue sewing until all pumpkins have been added to create the garland.

Step 8

felt pumpkin garland on table by sewing machine with threads hanging out of needle

Pull the threads several inches from the sewing machine before cutting to allow for hanging at the other end.

felt pumpkin shapes stitched together

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